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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Mother Of Two, Jessica Johnson, Needs Justice.

Jessica Re'nee Johnson
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She was born in 1979 to Linda Appleton and David Johnson. Jessica was a beautiful woman who never went unnoticed. She was always dressed up for the occasion. She was always outgoing, energetic, loved people and was fun to be around. Jessica was a single mom who took care of her kids without child support. She loved her two kids with all her heart. They were everything to her.

In 2017, Jessica moved in with her parents, who were always there for her and the kids. Jessica started hanging out with the wrong crowd. Her choice in men had also change. Jessica used to be extremely picky and careful when choosing her suitors, however, her last to boyfriends were allegedly controlling, mean and narcissistic.
Jessica Johnson boyfriend, Jessica Johnson ex boyfriend, Mississippi mother suicide
On May 31st, Jessica left her home to visit her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Garland Hart. In their relationship, the bad out weighed the good. According to Jessica's family and friends, Hart was physically and emotionally abusive to Jessica. She had even commented to them that "This guy is going to kill me." Allegedly, Jessica stayed near Hart because she helped him recover from heroin overdoses. She was afraid if she was not there with him, he would die.

On June 1st, Jessica called one of her friends. She was in hysterics as she explained that she was locked in the bathroom of the house she was staying in. She was afraid of Hart and wanted to be picked up. Jessica's friend did show up, but after about 35 minutes the friend left without Jessica. 

Jessica also talked to her mother over FaceTime and said she was coming home soon. That would be the last time her mother would ever talk with Jessica.

After 6 p.m. that evening, all the occupants of the house where Jessica was staying, claimed that she vanished.
On June 2nd, 37-year-old Jessica was found dead by a postal worker. 

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She was found kneeling and tied to a waist high mailbox with her shoestrings fastened as a noose around her neck. She was at a home less than five miles from her parents house. 

The preliminary cause of death was a suicide caused by asphyxiation. Jessica's family and friends never believed that it was a suicide, not even for a second. It is unfathomable for them to think that Jessica would do this out for the whole world to see. Jessica was always well groomed and dolled up, but when she was found deceased, she didn't have even a speck of makeup on. Plus, they said that Jessica loved life and her kids way too much to end it all. Furthermore, she didn't seem depressed and if she had killed herself, they don't think she was capable of doing it the way she allegedly did. Family and friends said that if Jessica had wanted to take her own life, she would have used pills and would have went to sleep like sleeping beauty.

Statistically, women are more likely to take their life by taking pills.

Even though the death certificate said that no autopsy was preformed, with the help of forensic scientist Dr. Maurice Godwin, Jessica's family found out that a partial one was done. 

It turned out that Jessica had meth and Xanax in her body when she died. And some people think that this might be a reason why her case was not treated as a homicide investigation.

Jessica's family had her cremated due to financial difficulties, so a second autopsy couldn't be preformed. At the time, her family thought that the police had all the evidence they needed to investigate death.

Godwin think doesn't that the way the noose was positioned  around Jessica's neck that she could have passed out, let alone die. He doesn't think it would have put enough pressure to cut off her air supply. He said that in the position Jessica was in, the brunt of the pressure was on her cheekbone. This would have been excruciatingly painful and she would not have been able to put up with that while waiting for death to come.

Jessica's purse was found in her lap with her hand resting on it. Godwin doesn't see how someone struggling for air would not have been grabbing at her own throat. He also thought it was suspicious that her hair was ensnared in the shoelaces.

Godwin also pointed out that if indeed the shoelace had cost Jessica her life, it should have left a nasty scar behind. Supposedly there was very little evidence that she had the shoelaces around her neck. He also doesn't understand how Jessica could have physically tied the knot in the shoelaces in the cover of dark. Godwin isn't the only one to think this way either.
Former Memphis police officer, Rome Moreno, thinks it was impossible for Jessica to tie such a precise knot in the pitch black. He also thinks that the mailbox wouldn't have stood up against the weight and the force of a struggle. There were plenty other low lying limbs from trees close to the mailbox that Jessica could have used to hang herself from, instead of using such an awkward object.

Moreno and Goodwin both think that Jessica's suicide was staged.
Jessica Johnson boyfriend, Jessica Johnson ex boyfriend, Mississippi mother suicide
Moreno also said that authorities had corrupted the crime scene. They had parked too close to it and trampled all over it. He believes that potential witnesses were ignored as well, since one of the neighbors of the house Jessica died in weren't questioned. And speaking of the house were Jessica died, police never looked at or acquired the surveillance footage from the camera mounted on the outside of the home. Allegedly, the owner of the house kept changing stories about what happened to the footage of Jessica's last moments.

Items containing potential evidence were returned right away to the family, instead of being kept in police custody. 
The shoes that Jessica was wearing had possible blood spatter on the side towards the bottom. 
Her purse was also one of the items that had been returned. The metal connecting the strap had been broken off. 
Jessica Johnson boyfriend, Jessica Johnson ex boyfriend, Mississippi mother suicide
Jessica also had holes in her hands, along with bruises, and a possible shoe print.

Goodwin wanted the police to swab the shoelaces and test them for possible DNA evidence. This proved to be impossible because the police had lost them while in their custody, along with the necklace that Jessica was wearing when she died.

The clothes that Jessica was wearing when she died are also gone. They were sent to the funeral home director in a bio-hazard bag and were burned.

Jessica's family can't look into her phones for potential answers either. Garland Hart changed the code on Johnson’s phone and is the only person who knows the code. He hasn’t been cooperative with the family.  

Jessica's 19-year-old son received a text from his mother’s phone at 3:29 a.m. the day she died. This was either moments before she died or right after.

One of Hart's friends as well as his new girlfriend don't think that he could have harmed Jessica, let alone kill her. That girlfriend also claims that he was with her when Jessica died. Ironically, Hart had a warrant out for his arrest for domestic violence against the girlfriend.

Hart claims he had no involvement in Jessica's death, but he as well as his friend, think that Jessica wouldn't do that to herself either.

Jessica left two wonderful children. Her family will not stop fighting for justice for Jessica and the truth.

If you have any information related to the case, no matter how small, please email Jessica's mom at  johnsonlinda536@gmail.com

This is Jessica's Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/only1jessyj/about?lst=611694228%3A1377181456%3A1500492729

This is a Facebook page about Jessica and her case. https://www.facebook.com/pg/What-happened-to-Jessica-Johnson-886316114880842/posts/

What do you think happened to Jessica?
In my opinion, she didn't hang herself from the mailbox. From what I've read, she seemed to intelligent to do that. I don't think ending her life that way would have turned out successful either. Even if you are trying to kill yourself, you still are going to freak out a little and struggle. i don't think the mailbox could've stood up in a struggle. It doesn't look to me like Jessica really struggled. i think she would have to have been incapacitated before being tied up. Then she would have been incapable of tying herself up at all. i also think that some of the people at that he house where Jessica died, have more answers than they are giving.

One thing i know for certain is, there are too many unanswered questions. Justice has not been served and until it is, Jessica's friends, family and people like me, will keep her story out there. 

And i hope the guilt and the ghosts of the secrets haunt the souls of the culpable until they come forward with the truth.


Linda Johnson said...

I am just now seeing this... thank you for telling my daughters story... can we not bring more attention to this? I am not computer savvy,if there is anything I can do please let me know...

DeathByBoobie said...

You are quite welcome dear. I'm sorry for the injustice that your daughter has received. I have contacted Stephanie Harlowe from Youtube and i am pretty sure she is going to do your daughter's story. It just might take her a little while because she has a lot of stories to do. The others that i have contacted, i'm not sure what is going on the with them. But Stephanie is an awesome fighter for justice with a pretty large fan base. Her doing Jessica's story is a step in the right direction.

Unknown said...

God bless this family. Can I say since they were meth users her and Garland that those marks on her hand could be splatters from dropping a meth pipe and those are burns from meth splatter. This was a murder Garland is a killer her shoes were found not near her body cuz she was trying to run away they were probably together maybe even after having sex with Garland she was naked which would explain why those clothes weren't clothes she would usually wear cuz he dressed her there was a fight that broke out between them and she tried running away which he probably was chasing her she either tripped or he pushed her down which would explain the shoe mark on her hand he initially probably tried to restrain her at the mailbox by her wrist ether after death or before. He had to use the mailbox because neighbors would have seen him trying to hang her from nearby trees. This is all craziness such an injustice this man needs to be hung himself. Where was he and who was he with that night. Have the police interoggated him if not why the hell not. Why has this department just left this shit and why was all this evidence lost this. I am so disturbed by the negligence of this police investigation just because she was an addict that doesn't make her exempt from justice. She did not commit suicide.this was a drug fueled rage from a man who killed her and then staged her body.

Unknown said...

So sorry about your beautiful daughter please read my messages below from April 14th maybe it could bring a little insight not sure if these things have been brought up already I pray u get justice for your daughter. God bless u and your family

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

First off Linda Johnson, I was so deeply saddened by watching Jessica's story on crime watch daily. I tried to see if there were any updates and found this blog. I hope the piece of shit that did this is caught and justice is upheld to the fullest extent of the law. The cops dropped the ball on this as did the medical examiner!! I hope they changed the COD on the final report! That whole department sounds inept! I pray for your family and Jessica's children! I'm so so sorry you had to endure a loss as great as this! I just can't imagine! That "man" Garland definitely looks guilty of something! If he didn't do this, he sure knows something about it. I don't believe he is innocent all signs are pointing to him and now he has another DV case with his alibi. I hope she speaks up! I hope you can recover that camera footage. Wow that police department needs to clean house! That just blows my mind they screwed up every step of the way and honestly it sounds like they just didn't care or maybe they're friends with Garland. I'm not sure but I again am so deeply sorry and I will pray for your family

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

What about Bailey sarian?? She has a huge fan base

Unknown said...

He claims his alibi was his current girlfriend. She said in an interview she was with him that night after Jessica "left" and the following days. When he was interviewed he was about to walk into the courthouse with a DV charge on his current gf. He's guilty as sin and so is the PD for this absolute failure of an investigation.

Gigix3 said...

If she had both meth and Xanax in her system, she may have accidentally overdosed and was placed on the mailbox. I do not believe she took her own life.

DeathByBoobie said...

I don't believe she took her own life either Gigix3. She allegedly died of asphyxiation though and the ligature marks show she was strangled. Maybe they thought she O'd and then tired her up i guess.

BK said...

I’ve read through the narrative and reviewed the pictures posted online after my wife forwarded the story to me.
I have experience from my involvement in hundreds of mostly drug related homicides in North Philadelphia’s Badlands. I spent 30 years in the police department there. I’ve done private research/investigations and recently obtained my license, bonding and insurance to conduct professional investigations.
I’d like to know if there are better quality photos or any police paperwork.
My professional opinion is that the markings on her r/hand and knuckles combined with the peteciae on the left arm and hand would indicate the likelihood of a physical confrontation. I also question her ability to tie a knot in that position on the post by herself. I’d be happy to look further, you can email me at Kinginvestigations8@gmail.com

DeathByBoobie said...

I will pass your information onto her mother BK :-) Thank you so much.

Jessy Jean said...

Morbid did a good case report on this. It is such ANOTHER obvious case of law enforcement completely disregarding the victim on the word of their abuser, despite what the evidence clearly shows- no matter how much law enforcement completely and utterly BOTCHED this, it is clear that this was not suicide. I hope her family never stops demanding answers for this, the dude she was seeing KNOWS exactly what happened.